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Phosphorus trichloride (CAS Number:7719-12-2) is a chemical compound made of phosphorus and chlorine, whose chemical formula is PCl3.This compound has a trigonal pyramidal shape with three chlorine atoms around one phosphorus atom at the center. It is a colorless to yellow fuming liquid and has an odor like hydrochloric acid. Phosphorus trichloride is soluble in benzene, chloroform and ether.



Phosphorus trichloride manufacturers produce the compound through the reaction of a refluxing solution of white phosphorus with chlorine in phosphorus trichloride, along with the continuous removal of phosphorus trichloride as it is produced.           

P4 + 6 Cl2 → 4 PCl3

Phosphorus trichloride manufacturers also manufacture the chemical by treating thionyl chloride with white phosphorus.  

8SOCl2 + P→ 4PCl3 + 2S2Cl2+4SO2



  • Phosphorus trichloride suppliers sell the chemical to the manufacturers of insecticides, herbicides, plasticizers, flame retardants and oil additives.

  • Various industries also buy phosphorus trichloride as an intermediate.

  • Phosphorus trichloride suppliers also supply the chemical for organic synthesis.

  • Manufacturers buy phosphorus trichloride for the conversion of primary and secondary alcohols into acyl chlorides, alkyl chlorides or carboxylic acids.



Phosphorus trichloride becomes lethal within few minutes, when the concentration is 600 ppm. At 25 ppm, it becomes dangerous to life and health. Phosphorus trichloride manufacturers should not let the concentration exceed the permissible limit of 0.5 ppm in aneight-hour duration. However, the recommended exposure limit for an eight-hour duration is 0.2 ppm. Industries that buy phosphorus trichloridemust be aware of its toxic and corrosive nature.


Storage and Handling

Phosphorus trichloride must be used stored in well-ventilated areas. The containers should not be dragged or rolled. Phosphorus trichloride manufacturers and phosphorus trichloride suppliers should use hand trucks for container movement within the facility. A proper inventory system must be in place to check the storage of full containers for long duration of time.


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