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Polyacrylic acid

Polyacrylic acid (CAS NO 9003-04-7), also known as PAA is a synthetic polymer of acrylic acid. It IUPAC name is poly(acrylic acid) and its chemical name is (C3H4O2)n. PAA is a white powder without odour. The ionization degree of this weak polyelectrolyte depends upon the pH of the solution.Polyacrylic acid forms polycomplexes in aqueous solutions with oppositely charged polymers, drug molecules and surfactants. Cosmetic and personal care product industries buy polyacrylic acid in the form of white fluffy powder and usethem as gels.



The most common industrial for synthesis of polymers is free radical polymerization. Thermochemical initiators like azobisisobutyronitrile and potassium persulfate are used for the free radical polymerization of acrylic acid. The polymerization reaction can be accelerated by increasing the pressure and temperature. The distribution of molecular weight of polyacrylic acid should be kept under control as it can impact the dispersion capacity and rheological properties. Block copolymers of polyacrylic acidshow the possibility to be utilized for the purpose of drug delivery.



- Product industries such as detergents, adhesives and disposable diapers buypolyacrylic acid.

- Copolymers of acrylic acid present in detergents are used in phosphates and zeolites for washing powder formulations.

- Polyacrylic acid suppliers supply the chemical to industries such as paints, pharmaceuticals and cosmetics.

- These industries buy polyacrylic acid to use in products like emulsifying, thickening, dispersing and suspendingagents.

- Polyacrylic acid suppliers supply the chemical for medical applications like medical glue and gels for skin disease treatment and skin care products. 



The chemical does not induce genotoxic effects. PAA does not pose a safety hazard when product industries buy polyacrylic acid and use it in packaging of foodstuff and liquid absorbent pads.  However direct contact of the chemical with the food must be avoided. Ingestion of polyacrylic acid must be avoided as it can have cause gastrointestinal blockage. Contact with skin and eyes is harmful. Inhalation of the compound should be avoided.  Polyacrylic acid suppliers, manufacturers and end users must be aware of the toxic effects of the chemical compound.


Storage and Handling

Polyacrylic acid must be kept away from sources of open flames and ignition in the areas of storage and handling. Avoid dust generation and provide adequate ventilation. Mechanical exhaust should be present along with safety shower and eye bath facility. The container should be tightly closed and safely stored in a dry and properly ventilated place. Polyacrylic acid suppliers, distributors, manufacturers and factory personnel should safely store and handle the chemical.

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