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Polyvinyl Alcohol

Polyvinyl alcohol (CAS no: 9002-89-5) is a white or cream solid with the chemical formula (C2H4O) x. The chemical is a water soluble synthetic polymer. Polyvinyl alcohol is effectual in film forming, emulsifying, and posses an adhesive quality. The chemical is odorless, and is resistant to grease, oils, and solvents.



Polyvinyl alcohol is prepared by polymerization of vinyl acetate and therefore the polyvinylacetate is converted to the PVA. Similar precursor polymers are at times used, with formate, chloroacetate groups instead of acetate. The conversion of the polyesters is generally conducted by base-catalysed trans-esterification with ethanol.



  • Polyvinyl alcohol is used in textile yarns and paper to strengthen and making more resilient to oils and grease.

  • Industries buy polyvinyl alcohol as a suspension polymerization aid, to protective colloid, and to make polyvinyl acetate dispersions.

  • Multiple industries buy the chemical to use as a modifier in polyvinyl acetate glues, textile sizing agents, paper coatings, release liners, protective chemical-resistant gloves.

  • Polyvinyl alcohol suppliers and manufacturers use as a resin which is made up of non-crystalline or viscous substance in natural and organic compounds.

  • Polyvinyl alcohol suppliers and manufacturers also use the chemicals which have both adhesive and water resistant that is frequently used to laminate safety glass for vehicles.

  • People also buy polyvinyl alcohol to use in insulate wires.        


Storage and Handling

There are some of storage and handling measures that polyvinyl alcohol suppliers and manufacturers must take care of.

Keep the containers of polyvinyl alcohol in tightly closed containers and a very well ventilated area. Don’t smoke or open flames or source of ignition while storing the chemical. It is advisable to wear personal protective equipments or gloves while exposure to the chemical. Contact with the skin, eyes and clothing should be evaded. Get rid from dust while handling the chemical and ensure adequate ventilation for safe handling and storage.



  • Inhalation: If suppose the chemical is inhaled by the person ,move the individual to fresh air; if any effects occur, look up for a physician

  • Skin:    Wash skin with ample amount of water. Obtain first-aid or medical attentions as needed. If molten material gets into the contact with skin, make use of ice water of running stream of eater. Seek for an emergency safety shower facility should be immediately available

  • Eyes: I eyes gets infected flush your eyes thoroughly with water for quite a few minutes. Take away contact lenses after the initial 1-2 minutes and be flushing for several minutes. Still having irritations, consult a physician, most probably an ophthalmologist.

  • Ingestion: If swallowed, polyvinyl alcohol might cause gastrointestinal blockage. Get medical attention immediately.


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