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potassium bromide kbr
Photographic grade Crystal Potassium Bromide KBR CHEMICAL FORMULA : KBr M.W.: 119.01 DESCRIPTION: white crystalline, or powder, density in 2?75(at 25?),melting point on 734?,boiling point on 1435?, dissolved in water and glycerin, with hygroscopicity, pH in 7. APPLICATION: Be used as developer and thicker, sedative in medicine, also be used to preparation of special soap, carving and printing. CAS#?7758-02-3 HS:2827510000 EINECS No.:?231-830-3 Name?Potassium Bromide Manufacture: Twin International Co., Limited Batch No?20150422 Inspection Date?2015.04.26 Quantity?1T Package?In 25kg net plastic woven bags. Item Specification Test Results 1? Appearance? White Crystal OK 2? Assay? %? ? 99.5 99.51 3? Degree of clearance? Passed OK 4?Chlorides (as Cl ) %? ? 0.1 0.02 5?Sulphates (as SO4 ) %? ? 0.005 < 0.005 6?Bromates(as BrO3)% ? ?0.001 < 0.001 7?PH? 5.5?8.5 6.11 8? Moisture %? ? 0.3 0.20 9?Lead(as Pb)%? ? 0.0003 < 0.0003 10?Transmittance 5% at410nm? ?96.0 98 11?Iron(as Fe2O3)ppm: ?2 ?2 Comments: confirm to the standard Remark?We may make special specification according to customer?s requirements.

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