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Pyridine is a heterocyclic organic chemical compound with the formula C5H5N. Its structure is similar to that of benzene, having one methine group replaced by a nitrogen atom. Pyridine is not abundant in nature, apart from the belladonna leaves and roots and in marshmallow.


Pyridine Physical and Chemical Properties

  • Pyridine is a colorless liquid with nauseating and fish like odor.

  • Its solubility is water is miscible and is readily soluble in concentrated acids and salts and slightly soluble in oils.

  • The melting point of pyridine is 46 degree Celsius and it has boiling point of 115.2 degree Celsius.

  • Pyridine is diamagnetic and has −48.7 × 10−6 cm3·mol−1 diamagnetic susceptibility.

  • The molecule is relatively deficient by electron because of the electronegative nitrogen.


Pyridine Production Methods

Following are few of the pyridine production methods which pyridine manufacturers can adopt and the sell pyridine to its respective pyridine suppliers or traders:

  • Chichibabin synthesis

  • Dealkylation of alkylpyridines

  • Bonnemann cyclization

  • Krohnke pyridine synthesis


Pyridine Applications

  • Pesticides: Pesticide industry buy pyridine mainly to use it as a precursor to the herbicides paraquat and diquat. It is also the starting compound for pyrithione based fungicides production.

  • Solvent: Pyridine is utilized as a polar solvent and low-reactive and basic solvent. It fits for dehalogenation, acting as a base of the elimination reaction. The textile industry also buy pyridine to improve cotton network capacity. 

  • Specialty Reagents: It can be used a reagent for Karl-fisher and is mostly replaced by imidazole because of its more pleasant smell.



Pyridine MSDS

Pyridine Handling and Storage

Pyridine suppliers, manufacturers or buyers need to consider some safety in handling and storage guides once they buy pyridine. Few of the instructions are listed below.


Use personal protective equipment while handling pyridine. Avoid skin, eye contact, ingestion and inhalation of this product. Wash hands and other exposed areas properly with water after handling.


Store in a cool and ventilated place. Keep it away from the sources of ignition and incompatible materials. Keep it in an original container and keep it tightly closed.


First Aid Measures

People handling or working with pyridine like Pyridine manufacturers, suppliers or buyers can equip following safety measures in case of any hazards:

After Inhalation: Move the victim to the fresh air. Give artificial respiration if breathing is gloomy. Get medical attention.

Skin Contact: Wash affected area of the victim with the plenty of water. Remove infected clothing. Seek medical attention, if concerned.

Eye Contact: Rinse eyes and under the eyelids cautiously with water for 15 minutes at least. Remove lenses if there. Seek medical aid, if redness or symptoms persists.

Ingestion: If swallowed pyridine, rinse mouth with water and do not induce vomiting. Get medical assistance if feeling unwell.


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