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About Silicon

Silicon, also known as polysiloxanes or polymerized siloxanes are polymers made up of siloxane compounds. Some common forms include silicon oil, silicon grease, silicon rubber, resin and silicon caulk.

Organic Silicon examples: Triethylchlorosilane, chlorotrimethylsilane etc.

Specialty Silicon examples: Silica gel, methyl silicone fluid, carboxy silicon fluid, dimethyl silicon fluid etc.

Industrial Silicon Examples: Simethicone and Silicon Defoamer.


Properties of Silicon

  • Silicon has low thermal conductivity and chemical reactivity.
  • Low toxicity and electricity insulation properties.
  • Silicon are resistant towards oxygen, ozone and UV light.
  • They have thermal stability and ability to repel water.


Silicon Uses

  • Automotive Industry

In the automotive industry silicon in grease form is used as a lubricant in brake, since it is not soluble in water and less foul. Plug wires in automotive are insulated with silicone layers for preventing sparks, silicone as a sheet is used for manufacturing gaskets. It is used as coatings and sealants for airbags.

  • Aerospace Industry

Due to its sealing properties, silicon is widely used in aerospace field. It is used in the developing gaskets for doors and windows. Silicon rubber is moulded with tight tolerances to ensure airtight seals formation by gaskets. It is used to seal instrument and electrical systems in the cockpit. It is used to protect equipment from making unnecessary vibration and noises in rubber form.

  • Coatings Industry

Silicon is used as coating for house, cars railways etc. to withstand breeze and cracking and to prevent corrosion. Many fabrics are coated with silicon like silnylon to form waterproof composite.

  • Kitchenware

Silicon is used in kitchenware because of its non-toxicity and low taint properties. It is used as an insulator in heat resistant cookware and in molds, non-stick bakeware, mats on baking sheets, steamers and more.

  • Electronics

Electronic components are sealed in silicon to increase stability against mechanical, electrical shock and radiation. It is used to deliver durability and high performance.

  • Personal Care

Silicon are widely used in skincare, color cosmetics, hair applications like conditioners hair colors etc. It is also used in baby bottle nipples, shaving products and personal care lubricants.

  • Medicine

Silicon is used where biocompatibility is required like in microfluidics, seals, gaskets, and more. Silicon gel is used in bandages, dressings, breast, pectoral and testicle implants, contact lenses and more such medical applications.


Silicon MSDS

Silicon Safety Measures

  • Eye Contact: In case of contact with eyes, rinse eyes immediately with plenty of water. If irritation in eyes persists, get medical attention.

  • Skin Contact: Remove contamination from skin and cloth and wash thoroughly with water and soap. Get medical attention in case irritation exists.

  • Inhalation: Silicon does not persist hazard in case of inhalation at ambient conditions. In case of exposure, move to open air area.

  • Ingestion: Seek medical attention in case of silicon ingestion.


Silicon Handling and Storage

There are some of the following instructions to be followed by silicon suppliers, manufacturers or who buy silicon:

Silicon must be kept away from heat and other ignition sources. Container of silicon must be kept grounded, in a cool and well-ventilated area. Container must be tightly closed and sealed and kept away from oxidizing agents.


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