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Sodium Hydroxide Suppliers

What is Sodium Hydroxide?

  • Caustic soda is the commercial/common name for the inorganic compound sodium hydroxide (CAS Number: 1310-73-2). Its chemical formula is NaOH. Sodium hydroxide consists ofsodium cations Na+ and hydroxide anions OH−.

  • It is a white solid in its pure form and is commercially sold in the form of pellets, flakeswith 50% liquid solution in water.

  • Lye is the second most common name of sodium hydroxide.

  • Pure caustic soda is sold to produce soap or candles.

  • Impure caustic soda is used in drain cleaner.


Methods of Preparation

Sodium hydroxide is industrially produced through the electrolytic chloralkali process. Chlorine gas as well is produced in this process. Solid sodium hydroxide is produced through evaporation of water from this solution.

Various methods of preparation of sodium hydroxide are:

  • Loewig's process

  • LeSueur's process

  • Carmichael method

  • Nelson Diaphragm Cell

  • Castner - Kellener Process

  • White liquor oxidation process



  • Industries that buy sodium hydroxide or buy caustic soda: Pulp and paper, textiles, soap and detergents, plastics; paint, electroplating, adhesives, coatings, herbicides, dyes, inks, pharmaceuticals, cosmetics, water treatment, glass and ceramics.Sodium hydroxide suppliers supply the chemical for a wide range of applications.

  • Uses in food: It is used as a tenderizer in the crust of baked cakes. This compound expands considerably in size and may be further processed by frying to make corn nuts or by drying and grinding to make grits.

  • Wood pulping: Wood pulping industry buy caustic soda for use in the chemical process of wood pulping.

  • Soap making: Soap manufacturers buy sodium hydroxide for making soaps.



  • Inhalation: It is an inhalation hazard, once airborne in the form of mist or dust. It can cause severe irritation of the throat and nose.

  • Skin Contact: Contact with skin can causeblisters, burns, rednessandpain. It can also result in permanent scarring. Severe exposure can lead to death.

  • Eye Contact: Contact with eye can cause severe burns withswelling, redness,blurred vision and pain. It can lead to permanent loss of vision.

  • Ingestion: It can burn the tongue, lips, stomach and throat. Symptoms may include vomiting, nausea, diarrhoea and stomach cramps.


Safety Tips for Handling

Proper precautions must be takento prevent serious injury and problems. Industry personnel can wear suitable dress, masks and gloves to prevent contact with the harmful chemical. Children are more vulnerable to the ill effects of sodium hydroxide and must be kept out of their reach.Caustic soda suppliers must ensure the safe handling of the chemical.


Packing, Storage and Transportation

Industries that buy sodium hydroxide store it in tanks and transport it in tanker trucks. Flakes of this chemical compound are usually packed in nonreturnable mild steel drums and packed in highdensity polyethylene bags, which are transportedby trucks. Liquid sodium hydroxide is stored in drums or rectangular cans. Caustic soda supplierstransportlarge quantities through tankers, tank trucks or rail tanks.Industries that buy sodium hydroxide should be stored away from other chemicals.In the event breakdown of containers, sodium hydroxide suppliers should be isolated from organic peroxides, metals and acids. The outdoor tanks must have a heating and an insulation system like steam heating coils. The capacity of tank truck is around 8m3, rail tank is 30 m3 and tanker ranges from 50m3 to 300m3.Caustic sodasuppliers and sellers play a vital role in the efficacy of packing, storage and transportation.


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