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Sodium Silicate Suppliers


Sodium silicate (CAS Number: 1344-09-8) is a chemical compound with the formula Na2SiO3. Its anions are often polymeric. Sodium silicate suppliers also sell it as water glass or liquid glass. The compound is usually a colorless glassy or crystalline solid or white powder that is soluble in water, producing alkaline solutions. It can either be odorless or have slight odor. They are stable in alkaline and neutral solutions. Silicic acid formed in acidic solutions due to the reaction of silicate ions with hydrogen ions tends to decompose into hydrated silicon dioxide gel. On evaporation, silica gel is obtained.



Sodium silicate manufacturers produce the compound by treating silica mixture with caustic soda and water along with hot steam in a reactor.

2 NaOH + SiO2 → Na2SiO3 + H2O

Sodium silicate manufacturers also produce the compound by dissolving silica in molten sodium carbonate.

Na2CO3 + SiO2 → Na2SiO3 + CO2

Sodium silicate manufacturers also obtain it by treating sodium sulfate with carbon as a reducing agent.

2 Na2SO4 + C + 2 SiO2 → 2 Na2SiO3 + CO2 + 2 SO2



  • Sodium silicate suppliers supply it for the manufacture of detergents, water treatment chemicals, construction materials and paper.
  • One of the primary applications for which sodium silicate suppliers supply the chemical is for the manufacture of cardboard.
  • Companies buy sodium silicate for use in drilling fluids, where it stabilizes borehole walls and prevents the collapse of borehole walls.
  • Sodium silicate suppliers supply it for the manufacture of dye auxiliaries.
  • Industries also buy sodium silicate for manufacturing high temperature insulation boards for use in refractories.
  • Sodium silicate manufacturers supply it for the manufacture of firearm cartridges.
  • Automotive and metal industries buy sodium silicate along with magnesium silicate for use as a crack sealer, fitting paste and exhaust system joint for repairing tailpipes, mufflers, resonators and other exhaust components. 
  • Sodium silicate suppliers sell it to aquaculture hatcheries for use as a substrate for algal growth.



Sodium silicate is a corrosive chemical that can cause serious eye damage and skin irritation on exposure. It is harmful when swallowed. The compound can cut skin in its dry form, which is in the form of thin glass. It is not classified as a carcinogen. Industries that buy sodium silicate must be aware of its toxicity.


Handling and Storage  

Sodium silicate manufacturers must ensure that the personnel handling the chemical are equipped with eye protection gear and protective gloves. Sodium silicate suppliers must store and handle in accordance with all current regulations and standards. Container must be tightly closed and appropriately labelled. It must not be stored in aluminum containers as flammable hydrogen gas can be produced. Sodium silicate should not be stored with incompatibles such as bronze, lead, copper, zinc, brass and tin as hydrogen gas can be formed due to heat generation.


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