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Sodium Sulfide Suppliers


Sodium sulfide (CAS Number:1313-82-2) is a compound with the chemical formula Na2S. It is a colorless water-soluble saltthat gives smell of rotten eggs, when exposed to moist air, owing to the emission of sodium sulfide. Sodium sulfide is a colorless hygroscopic solid, which is slightly soluble in alcohol and insoluble in ether.



Sodium sulfide manufacturers industrially produce the salt through the carbothermic reduction of sodium sulfate with coal.

Na2SO4 + 2 C → Na2S + 2 CO2

In laboratories, sodium sulfide manufacturers produce the compoundthrough the reduction of sulfur along with sodium in the presence of anhydrous ammoniawith a catalytic quantity of naphthalene.

2Na + S → Na2S



  • The paper and pulp industries buy sodium sulfide for use in the kraft process.

  • Sodium sulfide suppliers supply the chemical for water treatment as an oxygen scavenger, toning black and white photographs and bleaching in the textile industry.

  • Sodium sulfide manufacturers use it as a sulfomethylationandsulfonationagent.

  • Sodium sulfide suppliers sell the salt to produce sulfur dyes, rubber chemicals and other compounds.

  • Other applications include oil recovery, ore flotation, making detergents and dyes.

  • Leather processing industries buy sodium sulfide as a hair removal agent in the limiting operation.  



Sodium sulfide is a strong alkaline that can cause skin burns and eye damage. It produces hydrogen sulfide on reaction with acids, which is highly toxic. The chemical might be corrosive to metals. Ingestion causes swelling and severe damage to delicate tissues and poses danger of perforation. Sodium sulfide manufacturers, sodium sulfide suppliers and industries that buy sodium sulfide should be aware of the chemical’s toxicity.


Handling and Storage

Sodium sulfide manufacturers and sodium sulfide suppliers must keep the containers tightly closed in a well-ventilated area away from direct sunlight. Dust formation must be checked, and the chemical must not be kept in a corrosive area. The storage area should have an inert atmosphere. Factory personnel must wear appropriate personal protective equipment in the work area. Industries that buy sodium sulfide should carefully handle and store the compound.


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