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Sodium (CAS no: 7440-23-5) is a compound that is a member of the alkali metal group with a symbol Na. It is silver colored and is a soft metal of low density. Pure sodium is not found naturally on earth as it is a highly reactive metal. The sodium ion is richly found within the Earth's oceans, bodies of water, and various minerals. It is used for chemical synthesis, analysis, and heat transfer applications. Sodium is also a vital element for animal and plant life by creating charge gradients and assisting in the development of energy.



Sodium suppliers and manufacturers produce sodium through the Castner process. The manufacturing is done using sodium metal by electrolysis of molten sodium hydroxide at approximately 330 °C. Under that temperature, the melt would solidify; above that temperature, the molten sodium would start to dissolve in the melt.



- Sodium in the metallic form is very vital for making esters and in the manufacturing of organic compounds.

- The main usage of sodium is in the form of table salt, which is also recognized as sodium chloride. It is utilized as a vital seasoning ingredient in all kind of dish. It is also finds useful in making the process of curing possible.

- Metallic sodium finds application to remove impurities from molten metals. Its ability to purify molten metals has made it very popular. The process of manufacturing titanium metals from titanium tetrachloride (TiCl4), basically uses sodium.

- Various industries buy sodium which includes petroleum, chemicals, soaps, textiles and paper on a large-scale to accomplish their important processes. For instance, sodium salts and fatty acids are frequently combined to make bathing and cleaning soaps.

- Sodium and its elements for instance sodium bisulfite functions as an excellent reducing agents and can be employed to get rid of persistent stains.

- People buy Sodium which is one of the main reducing agents in Birch Reduction, an organic reaction that has various applications in synthetic organic chemistry. This organic reaction is mostly applicable to produce new chemical compounds through reduction of simpler compounds.


Safety and handling

Sodium suppliers and manufacturer must store the element under moisture- free toluene, kerosene and/or dry inert gas such as nitrogen or argon. Keep sodium in a tightly sealed container in a cool dry place, separate from combustible materials.



Sodium element is incompatible with oxygen, carbon dioxide, halogens and halogenated solvents, alcohols, oxidizing agents, hydrated salts, acids and also a variety of other materials. Sodium reacts violently on contact with powerful oxidizers and water.

Sodium suppliers and manufacturer should not grind sodium or heat it. When contact with water, acids or alcohols, sodium generates an exothermic reaction which involves a release of flammable hydrogen gas.

Too much of sodium for the human body can damage our kidneys and increases the chances of high blood pressure.


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