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Thioacetone (CAS Number: 4756-05-2) is an organosulfur chemical compound having the chemical formula of (CH3)2CS. The component has been taken out as an orange or brown liquid during lower temperatures. Above −20 °C (−4 °F), thioacetone quickly converts to a polymer and a trimer. Thioacetone is associated with a very potent and unpleasant smell. 


Methods of preparation

People Buy thioacetone which is frequently attained by cracking the cyclic trimer [(CH3)2CS]3. The trimer is prepared by pyrolysis of allyl isopropyl sulfide or by treating acetone with hydrogen sulfide in the presence of a Lewis acid. The trimer cracks at 500–600 °C (932–1,112 °F) to form the thione.


Thioacetone Trimer

The timer of thioacetone is a while colourless compound which has a melting point at 24 degree Celsius.


Odor Of Thioacetone

Thioacetone has a stinky odor. Similar to many low molecular weight organosulfur compounds, the smell is potent. And like any other compounds there can be detected at high dilution. In 1889, an attempt to distil the chemical in the German city of Freiburg by im Breisgau was resulting in a case of vomiting, nausea and unconsciousness in an area of 0.75 kilometres around the laboratory due to the smell. The soap manufacturer Whitehall Soap Works later noted in an 1890 report that dilution seemed to make the smell worse and described the smell as fearful.



Thioacetone, (CH3)2CS, doesn’t melt the face or explode, but it's hazardous in another way. Production of thioacetone led to the evacuation in certain cities of Freiburg in 1889, from a chemical reaction that produced an offensive smell that spread quickly over a great locality of the town reasoning in fainting, vomiting and a panic evacuation. Industries needs to use and buy Thioacetone by taking necessary precautions. 


Reactions of Thioacetone

Thioketones can be oxidized to form the corresponding thioketone S-oxides, moreover known as sulfines, such as thioacetone S-oxide.

- Buy thioacetone which has many practical applications related with the oxidation of thiols. The spill of repugnant-smelling and low molecular weight thiols is neutralized by oxidizing the thiols with sodium or calcium hypochlorite solutions.


Handling measures

Thioacetone manufactures and suppliers must handle the chemical in accordance with good industrial hygiene and safety practice. Store the chemical away from food, drink and animal feeding stuffs. Thioacetone suppliers and manufacturers should be aware while having food, drinking water or smoking when using this product. Try to remove and wash contaminated clothing before re-use. Wash hands inhand breaks and also at the end.


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