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Triphenyl Phosphate Suppliers

triphenyl phosphate industrial grade

Triphenyl Phosphate

industrial grade
Disflamoll® TP is used as flame retardant and processing aid in cellulose acetate, cellulose acetate butyrate and
vinyl copolymer compounds which are used in moulding applications. Other important applications are coatings
based on nitrocellulose, phenolic resins, ABS/PC and HIPS/PPE compounds.
CAS Number:115-86-6
Appearance: solid
Shipping & Packaging: 25 KG

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Triphenyl phosphate (CAS Number:115-86-6) is a chemical compound with the formula OP(OC6H5)3. This colorless compound is the ester of phenol and phosphoric acid.It is very soluble in ether, chloroform, benzene, acetone and soluble in alcohol. However, it is insoluble in water. This compound has a slight odor of phenol.



Triphenyl phosphate manufacturers produce it through the reaction ofphenol andphosphorus oxychloride, where phenol is dissolved in pyridine and anhydrous benzene solvent. Phosphorus oxychloride is slowly added to it. It is then dehydrated using sodium sulfate, which is filtered out. Anhydrous benzene is recovered through distillation and finished products are recovered through cooling, crystallizing and crushing.



Flame retardant and plasticizer manufacturing industries buy triphenyl phosphate for use in their production processes, which find applications in the automobile upholstery and electronics industries.Manufacturers of glues, nail polishes, casting resins and hydraulic fluids also buy triphenyl phosphate from triphenyl phosphate suppliers.



Triphenyl phosphate poses low toxicity to oral or dermal contact.However,Triphenyl phosphate manufacturers exposure to the compound is linked with metabolic disruption, reproductive toxicity, developmental toxicity, endocrine effects, neurotoxicity and genotoxicity. The chemical at high concentrations can result in harmful ecological effects. Triphenyl phosphate manufacturers and triphenyl phosphate suppliers should be aware of the compound’s toxicity.


Storage and Handling

Appropriate exhaust ventilation must be provided in the work area, where dust is formed. The chemical must not enter drains or discharge into the environment. Thorough washing must be done post handling. Contaminated clothing should be removed and washed before reuse.Triphenyl phosphate manufacturers and triphenyl suppliers must keep containers closed when not in use and place in a dry area away from incompatible materials.  Industries that buy triphenyl phosphate should handle the chemical with caution.


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