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ASA IMPEX has been a leading manufacturer and exporter of Ultramarine Blue since 1957 .
In the year 1976, the manufacturing of ultramarine blue was started by us . We produce grades like laundry and industrial. To be able to understand better , please go through what ultramarine blue is all about below.

Ultramarine Blue is Synthetic Inorganic. It is a blue pigment of sodium alumino silicate containing sulphur. It is prepared by heating kaolin, sodium carbonate, sulphur and other inexpensive ingredients together. It is heat and alkali resistant. It is used for optical whiteness in plastics, rubber, inks, paints, cosmetics, detergents, cement, textile and paper.Being a consumer product, Ultramarine is used for brightening the white cotton cloth after washing and to provide blue color and brightness to plastics and rubber used in the industries. It acts as a brightening agent
in white washing and is the only ultramarine blue pigment that does not fade under sunlight or heat
(UPTO 350 DEGREES). It also has various other usage.

  • As blue colorant in master batches and plastic resins.
  • As an optical whitener on fabric, paper, plastics, rubber and paints.
  • As blue colorant in printing inks.
  • Finer qualities are used in painting and engraving
  • Ultramarine Blue is 50% used for laundry, 40% for the white washes on exterior surface and 10% for the Industrial use.
CAS Number:57455-37-5
Appearance: inorganic blue pigment


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