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Venus 5700 is an antiviral and antibacterial agent suitable for all types of plastic polymers.
- Venus 5700 is a silanol quaternary ammonium compound having a hydroxyl or hydrolyzable silane group  capable of undergoing a condensation polymerization reaction to form a homo or copolymer, or forming a  covalent bond with the plastic or other components in the plastic composition.
- Venus 5700 possess bacteriostatic, fungistatic, algaestatic and bacteriocidal,fungicidal and algaecidal properties.

The method involves dispersing Venus-5700 uniformly throughout the plastic for example, By compound extrusion processing of such plastics when in a fluid state.

a) The dispersion process uses Venus-5700 either neat or pre-dispersed in plasticizers or pigments commonly  used in plastic extrusion processes, OR in form of a Masterbatch concentrate.
b) The dispersion process can also be done in solvent followed by solvent evaporation/recovery and then cast,  molded, rolled in to desired form.
c) Concentration of Venus-5700- 1 to 6% (Depending on the polymer and application)

CAS Number:27668-52-6
Appearance: colourless to yellow liquid
Shipping & Packaging: 50 kg & 180 kg HM HDPE barrel.

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