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Zirconium Phosphate (α-ZrP)
Also : Zirconium(IV) Hydrogen Phosphate 
Chemical Formula: α-Zr(HPO4)2•H2O 
CAS No. : 13772-29-7 
Form & Appearance: White Powder 
Molecular Weight: 301.19 
Standard: Military Grade, Pharmaceutical Grade, Industrial Grade, Optical Grade, etc.
Specification: D50 1-10μm; 20-30μm; 40-50μm; etc. adjustable according to requirements.
Properties: Layer Structured, Ions Exchanges, High Adsorption, Resistance to acid and alkali (Anti-corrosion), Resistance to high temperature, Antibacterial, Resistance to Oxidation and UV aging, etc. 
Application: Grease/Lubricants, Polymer Additives, Coatings/Paints, Surface Pre-treatment, Metal Cleaning Solutions, Hemodialyzer, Silver-based antimicrobial material, Catalyst, Biological engineering, optics, Drug delivery, Refractory material, Fine ceramics, Nuclear waste management, Waste Water Treatment, etc.
Analytical Value Typical Specifications
Zr(HPO4)2•H2O ZrO2 Fluoride Water insoluble lgnition loss PH Density Average particle size(µm)
99(Min%) 40(Max%) 0.002(Max%) 99.9(Max%) 6(Max%) 5~7 2.66(g/cm3) 1.74 (D50)
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CAS Number:13772-29-7
Appearance: white powder

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