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Lab preparation of Chlorine

Lab preparation of Chlorine

Sulfur & Chlorine Reaction

Chlorine reacts with sulfur on gentle heating to form S2Cl2

Chlorine - Periodic Table of Videos

Here's a new chlorine video demonstrating this extremely reactive and dangerous gas, which was used as a weapon in World War

Make Your Own Pool Chlorine

Make Your Own Pool Chlorine

Activation energy

Hydrogen and chlorine gas reacts forming Hydrogen Chloride when exposed to high energy ultraviolet light from burning magnesium.

Reaction of Sodium and Chlorine

Reaction of Sodium and Chlorine.

Heated Potassium Placed in Chlorine

A piece of heated potassium is placed in chlorine. The reaction is violent and instantaneous which causes it to burn.

Hydrogen & Chlorine Explosion

Hydrogen and chlorine react explosively if exposed to UV light or a spark. A magnesium flame sometimes initiates this reaction if the gases are contained in a plastic bag.

Halogen displacement [KI + Cl2]

Halogen displacement reaction between potassium iodide and chlorine

Preparation of chlorine

The most common laboratory methods for the production of small quantities of chlorine gas are shown.

Chlorine and Brake Fluid

If ya mix granular (swimming pool) chlorine and brake fluid it (after a couple of minutes) has a somewhat violent reaction!!! It's fun but probably not the safest thing to play with!! Yea.

chlorine water with nabr

The new system into the chlorinated water containing saturated sodium bromide in a test tube, after adding a small amount of carbon tetrachloride by the oscillation, the oscillation again.

Using Chlorine as a bleaching agent

Chlorine gas is introduced into water,it reacts to form one part of hydrochloric acid(HCl) and one part of hypochloric acid(HClO).

Reaction of aluminum with chlorine

Chlorine reacts vigorously with preheated aluminum foil.

Reaction of Chlorine with Hydrogen

Reaction of Chlorine with Hydrogen.

Making Chlorine Gas

Made this as a Christmas Festivity because of Green Chlorine Gas :D It smells very bad and possibly could kill you don't do this unless you are understanding that you could kill yourself accidentally.

Milk and chlorine reaction

The reaction between milk and chlorine for our science fair.

Chlorine reaction KBr

Chlorine reaction KBr


Murray Robertson - Cerium from a visual interpretation of the periodic table of elements.

Electrolysis of Sodium Chloride (pt2) Chlorine gas

The 1st method was unsucessfull because i let the chlorine gas come out from the test tube. It reacted some and it's still difficult to see it in HD. So, I used the electrolysis method.

How To Make Chlorine Gas (By Reacting Sodium Hypoc

A demonstration of the reaction of Sodium Hypochlorite(Bleach) and Hydrogen Chloride(Toilet Cleaner). Bleach clearly says on the lable NOT to mix with any other cleaning products so DONT.

Make a chlorine gas

Calcium hypochlorite + hydrochloric acid = chlorine gas , calcium-chloride and water

Chlorine and coke

chlorine mixed with coke turns pool deck white and melts cup that it was in

How to make Liquid Chlorine

How to make Liquid Chlorine.

Addition Reaction-Animation

Organic addition reaction between Ethene and Chlorine

Wonderful World of Chemistry: Chlorine and Coke

Chlorine and Coke = a bunch of fizz

Chlorine and Hydrogen gas explosion

Chlorine and Hydrogen gas explosion.

Brake Fluid ( polyethylene glycol) and Chlorine (C

I'm not certain that this brake fluid contained polyethylene glycol, but some do, and i didnt want to say brake fluid as it would give the kiddies naughty ideas.

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