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HHO Engine Running on Hydrogen and Oxygen Gas

This HHO Gas Technology Flashback Arrestor is one-of-a-kind in the world and there is no comparison to any Flashback Arrestor.

Charge of Oxygen

Different molecules containing oxygen at different oxidation states.

Combustion Reaction- Isopropyl Alcohol and Oxygen

Combustion Reaction- Isopropyl Alcohol and Oxygen.

Magnesium Reacts with Oxygen

Magnesium reacting with oxygen. A short explanation of how the reaction.

Hydrogen gas reacting with Oxygen .

This reaction is what happened to the hindenburg . and mabey it will someday power our cars ,zero emmisions water is the only byproduct of this reaction.

Reacting metals with Oxygen.mov

Mr Soanes shows you what happens when you burn things in oxygen.

Oxygen facilitates combustion

Oxygen facilitates combustion but oxygen itself is non-flammable.

Oxygen Transfer Reaction

Oxygen Transfer Reaction.

O2 and you

Various reactions in an Oxygen-Rich Environment (1) Burning Magnesium ribbon, burns brighter in oxygen producing a solid smoke of magnesium oxide particles.

Hydrogen and Oxygen ignited

Water undergoes the process of electrolysis to split the hydrogen and oxygen into there singular atoms. These two gases are extremely flammable.

Preparation Of Oxygen Using Potassium Chlorate

Potassium chlorate is a compound containing potassium, chlorine and oxygen, with the chemical formula KClO3. In pure form, it is a white crystalline substance.

Magnesium burning in oxygen

Combustion of magnesium in pure oxigen is demonstrated.

Oxidation-Reduction Basics

Electron transfer between zinc and oxygen.

Testing for Oxygen and Carbon dioxide

Pupils test the properties of oxygen and carbon dioxide gas

How many grams of Ca are required to react with 12.0 g of Oxygen to form CaO?

How many grams of Ca are required to react with 12.0 g of oxygen to form CaO.

Oxygen and Acetylene bomb

Oxygen and Acetylene plus fire makes big boom.

Reaction Of Wire Wool With Pure Oxygen

The iron in wire wool burns violently in pure oxygen

The many Benefits of Hydrogen Peroxide and Oxygen

The many Benefits of Hydrogen Peroxide and Oxygen Therapy

Making Liquid Oxygen, And ITS BLUE.MPG

Oxygen cylinder, and piped a hose from that into a plastic 2-liter bottle that was submerged in liquid nitrogen, and made about 250 ml of liquid oxygen.

The importance of oxygen

Looks at the importance of Oxygen in our lives.

Preparation of liquid oxygen

Liquid oxygen prepared by condensing of the gas in the liquid nitrogen.

Oxygen - Periodic Table

New footage displaying the paramagnetism of liquid oxygen.

Sodium + Oxygen = Boom!

Do you know what happens when Sodium meets Oxygen?

phosphorous in Oxygen

See how phosphorous (commonly found in flares) reacts when placed in a flask of pure oxygen.

Introducing oxygen

A brief focus on the element of Oxygen.

Stoichiometric Methane Oxygen Reaction - Fire Protection Engineering (FPE) Teaching Tool

"This video shows how to work through the stoichiometric combustion equation for methane and oxygen using an atom balance method. "

Combustion of iron in pure Oxygen

Iron rusting is accelerated in pure oxygen.

How to make Oxygen from Hydrogen peroxide

Oxygen from Hydrogen peroxide

Sulfur in pure oxygen

Sulfur combusts in pure oxygen with a brilliant blue flame producing sulfur(IV) oxide.

Faraday Lecture - Hydrogen/Oxygen Explosions

The demonstrates explosions of different mixtures of hydrogen gas with oxygen gas.

Hydrogen and Oxygen ignited 2

Water undergoes the process of electrolysis to split the hydrogen and oxygen into there singular atoms. These two gases are extremely flammable.

Hydrogen + Oxygen = BOOM!

I finally got my electrolyzer up and running after a few months. Electrolysis splits the molecules of water into H2 + O.



liquid oxygen and the plant

Hama compressed gas & one pure plant

Reactions with Oxygen

Magnesium, Iron, White Phosphorus and Sulphur.

Hydrogen + Oxygen

Hydrogen gas and oxygen gas get together to make big boom and Water!!

Making Oxygen Gas

Elementary science demonstration of creating oxygen gas.

Hydrogen & Oxygen. Blender Animation

This short animation shows the chemical reaction between Oxygen and Hydrogen molecules

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