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What can be more helpful when you get all your industry specific information in one page instead of sieving through numerous magazines and websites. Chemical Today is India's only magazine which brings in all the news and information about chemistry, chemical industry and chemical end-user industries. Our Chemical Today magazine covers 53 sectors in the chemical industry annually, bringing in an in-depth focus to each sector every month. The magazine has been bringing insights of top global companies with their leaders giving their opinions on the dynamics and trends of global chemical industry.

The magazine keeps you updated on the latest technology trending in the global market with our Cover Stories, Features, Events and Interviews. We have an additional focus on the latest in Green Chemistry/Sustainability, IT In Chemicals, Automation, Logistics and Research giving you myriad of ideas and opportunities to finetune and align your business with global counterparts. We also bring to you the best researches happening in some of the best global research institutes and universities opening your minds to the countless possibilities of expanding your business with research. If that's not enough, we also showcase the talent of budding scientists across the world where they mix imagination with chemistry to create magic that has the power to change the way the megaminds of chemical industry think.

While reading Chemical Today, I feel that the magazine has been created with the determination to provide detailed information about the world of chemicals. It reminds me of RIL's Founder Chairman Shri Dhirubhai Ambani, who used to say, "If you work with determination and perfection, success will follow.

Ajay Shah, President, Polymer Chain, Reliance Industries Ltd.

I am happy to note that your magazine is taking so much initiative to study the challenges, faced by the industry. It's really a good beginning and wishes your magazine to turn out as the key chemical magazine in the days to come

Kashi Murarka, President, Indian Speciality Chemical Manufacture's Association (ISCMA) and Chairman, Mirachem Industries

Chemical Today is working hard connecting people related to chemical process industry and creating a platform for exchange of knowledge.

Rajesh Malhotra, Managing Director, Everest Group of Companies

I am a retired academician and basically a chemist by qualification. I like the quality and wide variety of articles published in your esteemed journal.

Dr V Balaram, Former CSIR -Emeritus Scientist, Chief Scientist & Head, Geochemistry Division (CSIR - National Geophysical Research Institute (NGRI)

I've reviewed the latest issue of your 'World of Chemicals' publication, and there is some great content in there

Johan Janssen Manager, Corporate External Communications - Middle East, Honeywell

Generally spoken, the magazine seems to be very well documented about many aspects of the global chemistry activities.

Clotman Dirk, Communications Manager, Euro Chlor

Chemical Today, as an Industry oriented magazine covers all facets of the Chemical Industry and various other sectors that are associated with it. The magazine gives a true picture of the industry and covers the various perspectives that are put forth in an objective and transparent way

Namitesh Roychoudhary,Vice President - PTSE – HSEQ & Capital Investments, LANXESS India.

Chemical Today is not just a magazine, but an experience !!!

Content Highlights

Sector View Comprehensive, detailed articles on latest topics and evolving trends related to chemistry & the chemical industry with inputs from industry leaders.
Expert Viewpoint An elaborate interview with thought leaders and opinion makers of the industry. In-depth views and technology advancement of various micro-segments related to the chemical process industry.
Plant Visit A critical element in any corporate-house, the ‘Plant Visit’ section focuses on the strength of a company’s production unit – the technology & equipment prowress, product capability and strategic views of management for further growth.
Green Chemistry/Sustainability Latest R&D, articles and interviews regarding development of environment-friendly products and processes.
Innovations/Case Study Detailed analysis of enhanced efficiency and economy through developing new products and implementation of new process equipment, technologies, etc.
Reports Market insights (growth statistics) and study by various research and advisory firms.
IT In Chemicals/Automation Features, case studies and technology trends on how IT, automation and internet is fast becoming an enabler and providing support to the chemical industry.
Safety Watch Safety features, interviews and tips for ensuring accident-free operations in the chemical industry.
Logistics Articles and interviews depicting modern trends in the chemical industry logistics. Focus on topics related to supply chain, transportation by land/sea/air and warehouse management.
Product Updates Listing of the latest equipment and corporate products from company information, innovations and special product launches.
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