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Chemical compound Ester: Preparation, Pr ...

Esters are compounds that belong to the organic functional group which has and also forms sweet sme ... [Read more...]

6:25 AM, 12th December 2017

by Worldofchemicals

Definite facts of Sulphite agents

Sulfites or sulfite agents are an additive that discharges sulfur dioxide in the state of use. They ... [Read more...]

4:28 PM, 24th January 2018

by Worldofchemicals

Why does a chemical company clear excess ...

  Stock clearance is a process of liquidating chemical inventory and is executed when the busin ... [Read more...]

10:02 AM, 28th March 2019

by Worldofchemicals

Glycerol: Properties, Production and Use ...

Glycerol which is also known as glycerine, glycerin or propanetriol is a polyol compound. The deriva ... [Read more...]

6:59 AM, 12th December 2017

by Worldofchemicals

7 few quick facts about Argon Gas

Argon is the 3rd noble gas, in period 8(p-block) of the Periodic table, it makes up about 1 percent ... [Read more...]

5:01 AM, 25th July 2017

by Worldofchemicals

Everything You Need To Know About Histam ...

In the most basic sense, histamine is nothing but a, natural substance which is originated from our ... [Read more...]

10:05 AM, 3rd October 2016

by Worldofchemicals

Toxic Effects of Phenolphthalein

Phenolphthalein is a chemical compound, often used as an indicator in titrations and its formula is ... [Read more...]

10:15 AM, 7th March 2019

by Worldofchemicals

The Principle of Cinnamon Challenge

Cinnamon Challenge The cinnamon challenge is a viral internet food challenge. The principle of the c ... [Read more...]

6:28 AM, 27th September 2014

by Worldofchemicals

How mangoes can unlock marijuana's true ...

If you wish to lie lazily in the heat of the sweltering summers, then started thinking to have some ... [Read more...]

6:51 AM, 4th November 2016

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