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Magnesium: Properties, production and he ...

Magnesium is a chemical compound with symbol Mg and atomic number 12. Magnesium is the ninth most p ... [Read more...]

11:07 AM, 30th January 2018

by Worldofchemicals

Quinaldine - Derivative of Quinoline

Quinaldine is a yellowish-brown organic chemical compound with molecular formula C10H9N. It is a der ... [Read more...]

4:28 AM, 16th March 2019

by Worldofchemicals

Did you know there exists chemistry behi ...

A delicious fluffy cake just doesn’t happen by chance. It takes a harmless chemical reaction t ... [Read more...]

5:17 AM, 4th December 2012

by Worldofchemicals

Few interesting things about Arsenic you ...

Arsenic and its properties: Arsenic is a chemical compound with atomic number 33 and symbolised ... [Read more...]

7:37 AM, 19th September 2017

by Worldofchemicals

'Dream chemistry' – an outcome of chemic ...

Dreams are successions of images, ideas, emotions, and sensations that occur involuntarily in the mi ... [Read more...]

5:25 AM, 30th April 2013

by Worldofchemicals

Dry Ice: A Cooling Agent

What is Dry Ice? Dry ice is the solid form of carbon dioxide (CO2), snow-like substance that passes ... [Read more...]

7:33 AM, 25th October 2018

by Worldofchemicals

Biosimilars - Collaterals to the origina ...

Abstract  In the year 1980, first generation biopharmaceutical products were manufactured using ... [Read more...]

9:32 AM, 4th April 2012

by Worldofchemicals

Potassium Bitartrate – common household ...

Potassium Bitartrate is commonly known as Cream of Tartar. But… What is Cream of Tartar and W ... [Read more...]

11:16 AM, 11th February 2016

by Worldofchemicals

All You Need to Know About Sugar

All around the world people consume sugar. Now let us know what sugars are? Sugar, is the general n ... [Read more...]

4:55 AM, 13th February 2018

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