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Acid Mist Purification Tower

Acid Mist Purification Tower is a new type of glass fiber reinforced plastic purification device, which uses glass fiber reinforced plastic as the main material. Because FRP is reinforced with multi-layer waxless twisted glass cloth, unsaturated polyester as the matrix of composite laminates, is a new type of high strength materials. Purifier internal use of acid-resistant polyester glass steel material production, the external use of corrosion-resistant anti-aging flame retardant polyester made, it has the following characteristics such as the tower can be equipped with gas on-line analyzer, PH control meter, differential pressure transmitter, flow sensor, conductivity meter, liquid level control meter, solenoid valve and control cabinet and other control systems, and a fault alarm, Operation management and maintenance.

Hebei Huaqiang Technology Development Co Ltd

No 689, Fu Qiang Bei Road, Zaoqiang County, Hengshui City, Hebei Province, China, Hengshui, CHINA


Acid Acid
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