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PSA Nitrogen Gas Generator

PSA Nitrogen Gas Generators important features are the equipment adopts brand-newly-designed filling technique and service, its special bypass design ensures lower energy consumption and higher yielding results, it has imported pneumatic valve with original packaging guarantees the serviceability in a greater degree and further the computer-aided operation with the simple technical design makes for easy maintenance of the equipment. It is widely used in small-scale nitrogen demand of chemical industry, nitrogen protection and filling of injection solution, transfusion and oral liquid in pharmacy industry etc.

Wuxi Zhongrui Air Separation Equipments Co. Ltd.

Yangshi Zhenbei Industrial Park of Luoshe Town, Wuxi City, Jiangsu Province., , CHINA


Long tube air breathing apparatus

Long tube air breathing apparatus are wildly used in fire fighting, chemical industry, shipping, laboratory, mine, petroleum and metallurgy. It can be used in the atmosphere that is polluted by smoke, poisonous gas or/and hot vapor, or in the hypo-oxygen situation. It can also be used in the atmospheric environment of -30~+60C temperature, 0~100% relative humidity and 0.7bar~1.25bar atmosphere pressure. The long tube breathing apparatus consist of movable air source and breathing device plus one piece of 30 m fixing tube and two pieces of 10 m long tubes with the maximum application distance of 50 m as well as 2 sets of breathing mask which can provide two persons to apply it at the same time.

Nantong ZEG Marine Equipment Co.

No.18 ,Tongsheng Rd, Tongzhou Industry Zone, Nantong City, Jiangsu., , CHINA


Long Long
Screw Water Chiller

Screw water chiller with medium temperature can produce water from -5 to 45 centigrade. It adopts imported semi-closed double screw compressor with economic unit. Medium temperature screw water chiller can also produce low temperature ethanediol solution from -5 to 45 centigrade or saline solution. It can work as the industrial cold source of chemical industry, medicine and pharmaceutical industry. The important features are the chiller is more energy saving and durable, it has a long maintenance cycle and further It can function without failures for more than 40000 hours.

Tongsheng Machinery Co. Ltd.

No.8, Changheng Road, Changping Town, Dongguan, Guangdong., , CHINA


Screw Screw
Self-pressurized Liquid Nitrogen Tank

Self pressurized liquid nitrogen tank produces pressure by evaporation of little liquid nitrogen  so that liquid nitrogen will exhaust itself and  complement other containers. It finds its  application in the transportation and storage of  liquid medium and cold source of other  refrigeration equipments. It is now widely used  in  food, cryogenic chemical industry, military  and other industries and areas. Inner and outer cylinders of the main body are made up of 304 austenite cryogenic special stainless steel of fine quality; absorbers are regenerated and activated; multi-layer insulation materials are oil-and-lipid-free thin imported composite.

Chengdu Shengjie Cryogenic Equipment Co.

Shenghua Road No. 77 wenjiang Strait Chengdu Sichuan, , CHINA


Self-pressurized Self-pressurized
Gas Sampling Bottle

Sampling bottle is made of stainless steel  of fine quality and has a needle-shaped stainless steel bottle valve. It is corrosion-resistant, pressure-resistant, and leakage-free. It finds its wide application in sampling and  preservation of gas or liquid samples in  petrochemical industry, electronic semi-conductor, scientific research, environmental  protection, etc. Before sampling, the sampling  bottle must be dry and full.

Chengdu Shengjie Cryogenic Equipment Co.

Shenghua Road No. 77 wenjiang Strait Chengdu Sichuan, , CHINA


Gas Sampling Bottle-Manufacturer Gas Sampling Bottle-Trader
YJS chlorine dioxide generator

Yu Jie compound chlorine dioxide generator is the company's newly developed products, the use of sodium chlorate and hydrochloric acid as raw material, the negative pressure aeration technology, on-site preparation of chlorine dioxide-based, supplemented by chlorine disinfectant compound. Company for all kinds of applications and the different needs of the user's actions applicable, developed a series of products with complete specifications, product purity, high conversion rate, easy operation, high degree of automation of the characteristics of its product technology, stable performance, easy operation.

Shandong Yujie Environmental Equipment Co., Ltd.

Industrial Park, Linyi County, Hengyuan C2, Southern District,China., , CHINA


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