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Celanese Corporation



Celanese Corporationis a global technology and specialty materials company that engineers and manufactures a wide variety of products essential to everyday living. As a recognized product and process technology innovator, the company help to create applications that meet the needs of the customers worldwide. The products hold leading positions in the industries the company serve worldwide and are complemented by a large global production capacity, operating efficiencies, proprietary production technology and competitive cost structures.

The company's Vision is to be the first-choice chemistry solution source for its customers. Its Mission is to partner with the customers to develop fresh solutions and find uses for mature products that solve their most critical needs. The product range includes Propionic Anhydride, Acetaldehyde, Ethyl Acetate, Acetic Acid, 3-methoxy butanol, Dibutyl Maleate, Isopropyl Acetate etc.