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International Earth Day, Essay Competition 2014, a leading chemistry portal, is inviting essay entries as a part of "Earth Day celebration." The topic for Essay Competition 2014 - "Reducing harmful chemical footprint, a reality?"- is focused on reducing the harmful chemical impact on Earth and making it a better place to live. We have reached to a level where the dependency on synthetic chemicals cannot be completely eliminated. Chemicals do exist in nature, they are the ones useful to mankind, but we have been manufacturing chemicals (synthetic chemicals), most of which are hazardous. This year on Earth Day, let us think of the alternatives which can reduce the dependency on the synthetic chemicals and make our Earth better and safer.

Anyone can participate irrespective of the geographical location, educational qualification etc. The word limit for essay is 600 – 800 words.

Last date of submission is – 15 May 2014
Results announcement – 25 May 2014 on Worldofchemicals website

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