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Arab Plast Conference 2021

A three-day knowledge-based conference has been organized by worldofchemicals.com at ArabPlast 2021 to aspire and empower various plastic dependent industries with the latest trends and technologies. Insights, technology talks and new-age materials is sure enough to spark a creative streak in many minds, bringing sustainable future in the plastics industry.

About ArabPlast

The 15th Edition of ArabPlast invites industry specialists to a unique and lucrative opportunity to showcase nuances of advancement in innovations and, cutting edge technologies from the world over. Spanning over 28 years, ArabPlast is an exclusive event for Plastics, Petrochemicals, Packaging and Rubber Industry. Be ready now for the wave of expansion as it gets underway in the Middle East with plastics and chemicals accounting for the largest share of global crude demand growth by 2030!!

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Day 1

Plastics Sustainability

The need to live in balance with the world we inhabit has never been more critical. The Arabplast 2021 conference is embracing bioplastics, plastics recycling, alternative sources of plastics & a circular economy, encouraging people to reassess how we can preserve the planet.

  • Plastics Recycling
  • Catering to a circular economy
  • Bioplastics
Day 2

Plastics 4.0

When we enable smarter movement of knowledge, ideas and goods, a new world of possibilities unfolds. The Arabplast 2021 conference looks at how this has helped us explore new frontiers and how humanity is making greater leaps than ever through digital connectivity.

  • Technology, equipment advancement
  • Adoption of Robotics & Automation
  • Artificial Intelligence and IIOT
Day 3

Plastics for new age demands

We all have the power to shape the future. Arablast 2021 conference aims to unlock this potential in multiple ways, such as packaging solutions for new age demands, sustainable supply chain and logistics through our eclectic mix of speakers and introducing visitors to new ideas that inspire them to act.

  • Packaging industry moving forward
  • Trends, New Materials
  • Engineering plastics
  • Policies and international regulations
  • Sustainable supply chain & logistics

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