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Pressofiltro Filter Dryer

Pressofiltro Filter Dryer is used for the manufacture of sterile parenterals, i.e. substances which are intended for injection, infusion or implantation into the human or animal body, the issue of sterilization of process equipment is of high priority. The design of steam sterilisable Pressofiltro agitated nutsche filters and filter dryers ensures complete sterility throughout the whole process, from inerting to feeding with suspension, filtration, washing and drying to the discharge of the dry product. In compliance with cGMP and FDA guidelines, the vessel interior and all associated piping is designed to prevent product adherence and to facilitate cleanability. The aseptic design (of flanges, seals, valves, etc.) provides a complete drainage of CIP liquid and condensate during the heating process.

Heinkel Drying and Separation Group

Ferdinand-Porsche-Strabe 8, 74354 Besigheim, Germany, Stuttgart, GERMANY


Pressofiltro Pressofiltro
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