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Electrically Heated Elevator Furnace

Electrically heated elevator furnace enclosure consists of a stable steel construction. The side walls are insulated according to their temperature and they are partly water-cooled. The outer wall temperature of the enclosure is approx. 60 to 65 °C. Heating is effected through U-shaped heating elements made of clustered molybdenum wires which are arranged on the side walls and in the centre of the usable chamber.The regulation of the heating power is effected by a variable transformer in connection with a high-current transformer with fixed transformation ratio. The gas distribution station and the gas regulating station are also located on a frame mount for bottom fixing, with all the equipment necessary for N2 purging as well as with the reaction gases N2 and Ar. The furnace is widely used in the chemical industries.

Ruhstrat GmbH

Leinetal / Auf der Mauer 1, Gewerbegebiet AREA 3 / Süd, Bovenden, , GERMANY


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