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The procedure of Incinerator involves feeding the waste through the charging door in the primary combustion chamber (PCC) where the primary burner heats it and completely degasifies it under sub - stoichiometric conditions. The gases and volatiles that are formed and then proceed to secondary combustion chamber (SCC) where these are completely incinerated by the secondary burner at very high temperature with excess combustion air. A key role is played by Ejector and Combustion air fans. The former cools down the flue gases that emanate from the SCC before they are released into the environment. This rapid cooling prevents the formation of dioxins and furans. The fan is also connected to venturi ejector which maintains negative draft in the incinerator thus allowing the incinerator to be loaded while in operation. The combustion air fan provides the combustion air in the incinerator. The ash leftover in the PCC is sterile and can be removed through the ash removal door. A separate ash chamber is provided in the PCC for waste which have high ash content.


  • Compact design, easy disassemble & maintenance
  • All externally lubricated bearings
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Deepam Industries

No. 1/171, Sundarapuram To Madukarai Road, Near Railway Gate, Industrial Estate Post, Coimbatore - 641021, Tamil Nadu, India., Coimbatore, INDIA



Entonox is using the gas in medical field as pain management

It is using for labor ward womans pain releiver duing their child birth

Entonox kit will cater along with kit and gas with cylinder

Sri Venkateswara Carbonic Gases (P) Ltd

No.1, Govindanaicken Palayam, Athi palayam Post, Coimbatore, INDIA


Entonox-Manufacturer Entonox-Trader
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