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Nitrogen Generators

Nitrogen Generators are the most economic solution for all chemical processes where an inert gas is involved, to prevent liquids vaporization into the atmosphere, to reduce ignition risk, or simply to avoid oxidation of raw materials and various ingredients. The control of gas or vapor explosion hazards is often a necessity of the chemical process safety. The safest way to prevent explosions is to displace oxygen by inert nitrogen, for example blanketing the head space of the tanks. Nitrogen is also used to eliminate moisture during pressurizing or blanketing or inerting of storage tanks.

IGS Italia S.r.l.

Giordania, Grosseto., , ITALY


Nitrogen Nitrogen
SK1203 breathing apparatus

SK1203 breathing apparatus with open circuit with hood. It is to be used in emergency escape situations in all the environments potentially dangerous because of the presence of fumes or low level of oxygen. It is designed to create a constant air flow of 15 minutes.

Spasciani SpA

Via Saronnino, 72 Origgio (VA) 21040, Italia, Varese, ITALY


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