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How Stock Clearance Works

How Stock Clearance Works

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Monitor your factory clutter

Do you have spare raw material from your last project stacked up, occupying valuable warehouse space?

Why not sell off the excess raw material, get a great price and de-clutter your warehouse - all at the same time! Meet your potential buyers and make a good bargain.

Are you ok with unsold ready stock eating up your storage space and your investment?

Look around your inventory and notice ready stock. This unsold product can be put to use and generate cash for you. Search among many buyers, who are actually looking for the ready product, to pick it off the shelf. Explore now, get a great return on your actual investment!

In the production area, do you keep seeing old, unused equipment lying around since ages?

With technology upgradation and automation, you are bound to enhance your machinery. Instead of dumping the unused equipment ​ in the warehouse, list it. And sell it to someone who needs it and is willing to purchase your second hand equipment.

Are you facing a problem of unused assets, forklifts, packaging and logistics material cluttering your factory?

You invested hundreds of dollars on a set of equipment/assets/raw materials for a project that never materialized. Your asset is lying around, unused in the warehouse. A reminder of a bad investment! Why regret a decision when you can sell it off at a great price and recover your losses.

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Unearth the treasure in your factory clutter!

Stock management requires continuous focus and is very much part of a business’s success. Even the most successful inventory calculations by chemical companies can run into issues now and then. A common problem for chemical companies is storing of ready stock and inventory of excess raw material. Holding onto the old stock is costing you precious dollars as well as storage space. Chemical companies are constantly faced with issues of old equipment, occupying critical space in the factory. Getting rid of your redundant equipment can create space for new equipment or technology, to propel you ahead. Buy or Sell excess stock - a ready product, raw material or used equipment on Simply list your product and earn cash for your old stock, used or second hand equipment.

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Nurture your quality of business by managing your stock activities, product management, sales, purchase activities and much more, with one business management tool at place, Xobber Dashboard. Automate, analyze and stimulate your sale along with enriching customers’ relationship.

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