3M unveils fastest biological indicator system VH202 sterilization

3M unveils fastest biological indicator system for VH202 sterilisation

10:09 AM, 25th July 2017
The 3M Attest rapid readout biological indicator system for VH202 delivers a readout in just 24 minutes.
The 3M Attest rapid readout biological indicator system for VH202 delivers a readout in just 24 minutes.

ST PAUL, US: The 3M Company said that it has launched 3M Attest rapid readout biological indicator (BI) system for vaporised hydrogen peroxide sterilisation (VH202).

The new system has received Food & Drug Administration’s 510(k) clearance. Now healthcare facilities can obtain faster sterility assurance results for surgical instruments.

BI results for VH202 sterilisation cycles with the 3M Attest system can now be read in just 24 minutes—the fastest readout compared to any other FDA cleared product on the market—making the practice of every load monitoring increasingly feasible.

The 24-minute time to result is 10 times faster than 3M’s previous market-leading time of four hours, achieved with the 2016 release of the 3M Attest Rapid BI System for VH202.

3M scientists were able to increase system capabilities to achieve a faster readout time following the initial launch. Programming developments to the Attest Auto-reader 490H make it possible for existing users of the four-hour system to upgrade to the 24-minute version. Prior to 3M’s development of four-hour BI test results, VH202 BI readouts typically took 24 hours.

With the 24-minute BI for VH202, 3M offers a comprehensive rapid BI portfolio across the three sterilisation modalities commonly used in healthcare facilities worldwide—VH202, steam and ethylene oxide. Complete and connected sterilisation solutions allow department managers to bring consistency to sterilisation practices and create a standard release policy. Consistency can also help simplify training, reduce workflow errors, and increase compliance with protocols—all of which contribute to increased patient safety.

“We’ve seen overwhelming market excitement about this system since we announced 510(k) submission in May. The common reaction we’re hearing is, ‘If our hospital is able to improve efficiencies and enhance patient safety, it’s a clear win-win decision,” said Ericka Lutz, 3M global marketing manager for sterilisation.

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