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A sustainable choice for piping needs

3:36 PM, 10th December 2019
Manoj Dhar, Vice President Sales & Marketing, Astral Poly Technik Ltd

Manoj Dhar, Vice President Sales & Marketing, Astral Poly Technik Ltd converses about the benefits of using polymer pipes for the chemical industry. And notes that as per Life Cycle Analysis, polymer pipes score in terms of low maintenance, light weight, no corrosion, easy jointing and long-lasting.

By Shivani Mody

Global trends making a case for adopting polymer piping.

Industry is looking for polymer piping systems as an alternate nto the conventional piping systems for various applications and chlorinated polyvinyl chloride (CPVC) scores on the aspect. CPVC piping is a specially engineered thermoplastic. These pipes can be recycled during manufacturing process as well as finished products. Furthermore, CPVC pipe is also the sustainable choice for the piping industry.

Polymer piping segment global trends and market potential.

With new projects coming up and with the development of replacing conventional piping in the chemical industry, polymer pipes are getting more exposed. PVC pipes is one of the most valuable products of the chemical industry as of now. The polymer-based pipes can manage almost any chemical load up to temperatures between 93 and 100?. There is a general trend towards more pressure-resistant and stiffer pipes. The polymer pipes market is spread across Europe, Asia Pacific, North America, and the Middle East and Africa. The global polymer pipe market is predicted to rise on the back of a developing world economy.

Polymer piping potential in wastewater projects.

In India, rapid infrastructural development is leading to high opportunities in the wastewater segment. The ever-growing demand for water management will positively affect the globalmarket for water and wastewater pipes. The increasing demand is propelling the adoption of new and sustainable technologies for systematic management of wastewater.

Cost benefits of polymer pipes for chemical industry.

The chemical industry in India has undergone tremendous change in the last decade. The use of high quality CPVC piping system will ensure durability, flexibility so that expansion and contraction do not cause leaks or damage of any sort to the connected equipments.

In comparison to MSRL, polymer pipes are expected to be 10 percent costlier but as per Life Cycle Analysis, polymer pipes score in terms of low maintenance, light weight, no corrosion, easy jointing and long-lasting. Thus, works out to be the cheapest inthe longer run. In the industry, the demand for polymer pipe is increasing in refinery, chloralkali process, alkali segment and power industry.

Market potential of polymer pipes for chemical industry.

The chemical industry as a whole looks for cost-effective and low maintenance solutions without compromising on quality aspects. As there are many advantages over conventional metal piping system, potential for polymer pipes will grow further in chemical industries.

Incorporating digitalization with polymer piping solutions.

We have developed valve automation to feed the existing and new industries with electrical and pneumatic fitted ones. Additionally, we have always been focused towards cost efficiency and best performance. We are aimed at introducing the customers to our innovative products and services through adapting latest technologies. Some of the models we are working on will help streamline operations that will reduce human error and improve efficiency in the entire supply chain. Smart manufacturing is not just about automation. We are working towards achieving digital management.

Polymer piping business strategy of the company.

We cater to the South Asian markets especially in fertilisers and refineries, mainly for WTP, STP and ETP applications. Our strategy is to appoint more distribution points. Astral Pipes aims to be a truly global, high-performing organisation delivering quality products and services to its customers and attain leadership position in the industries we operate in. We are working towards ba development-strategic plan that will majorly focus on a full and open two-way communication with the consumers.

Focus regarding R&D and innovation.

Our R&D department is working towards setting higher diameterpipes and fittings up to  20” inch and strengthening our technical support. We are also promoting our channel partners to take projects on turn-key basis.

Having an edge over peers in the polymer piping market.

We have NSF approval with widest range of pipes and fittings, and valves. We are the first in India to introduce CPVC pipes and are the leaders in making industrial CPVC piping system. Astral is also known for its compromise-free quality and exceeding consumer’s expectations. Right from introducing new piping technologies to innovative brand communications, Astral’s brand mission has been to maintain and grow a commanding presence in the minds of customers and to deliver promised values, consistently.

Challenges faced in the polymer piping segment.

It should be also taken into consideration that the transported medium and the environment around the piping system respectively has an influence on the pressure and temperature resistance. Polymer pipes like CPVC cannot be used for oils, solvents, air and pneumatic.

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