Newly developed smart cup checks alorie intake alerts when consumed more

“Smart” cup have a check on calorie intake

12:04 PM, 16th June 2014
A newly developed cup, called the smart cup
Newly developed cup that checks the calorie intake.

SAN FRANCISCO, US: A newly developed cup, called the smart cup, can keep tab of the calories that we consume and send an alert when we have enough alcohol. That would sink a lot of worries about weight gain and binge drinking as it allows to know exactly when to put the cup down.

A San Francisco-based company Mark One has developed a device that can accurately identify our drink, tell us how many calories we are consuming and alert us when it is time to drink again. The “smart” cup can be asked to display a particular set of data to aid achieve certain goals, such as losing weight or regulating caffeine. 

Made of a glass-like material, the cup holds 385 ml of liquid. When a beverage is poured in, text on the side reveals what drink is inside. The sliding lid of the cup is spill proof and it has a non-stick interior, making it easy to clean. The cup can measure the caffeine levels inside a drink that has been poured into it, in addition to the sugar, protein, calories and fat inside a drink.

By syncing with an app, it is then able to provide further statistics about what the user has been drinking throughout the day.

How it works exactly is being kept a closely-guarded secret by its makers. It will begin shipping in early 2015, media reports said.

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