Adama gets Israeli approval market its nematicide Nimitz

Adama gets Israeli approval to market its nematicide Nimitz

11:02 AM, 13th July 2015
Adama gets Israeli approval to market its nematicide Nimitz

TEL AVIV, ISRAEL: Adama Agricultural Solutions Ltd said that it has achieved Israeli regulatory approval to market Nimitz, a novel, non-fumigant nematicide with unprecedented user safety and simplified application features. The innovative product controls nematodes, one of the most destructive and problematic pests in agriculture worldwide. Nimitz, proprietary to Adama, is expected to be a significant growth driver for Adama in the future, it said.

The company recently inaugurated a new manufacturing facility in Neot Hovav in order to support the sale of Nimitz on a worldwide basis.

Nimitz offers a highly effective and simple-to-use solution to farmers in the control of nematodes, along with a low toxicity and eco-toxicity profile compared to other alternatives currently on the market. It also allows for a significantly narrower waiting period between application and planting.

According to the US Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), Nimitz provides a safer and simpler alternative in comparison with existing solutions. In addition, the EPA determined that Nimitz “provides lower-risk chemical control of nematodes than methyl bromide and other restricted use soil fumigants.”

“The recent establishment of the Nimitz manufacturing facility, and the granting of the regulatory approval in Israel, are further milestones in the company’s journey to maintain its position as a leading global crop protection company,” said Ignacio Dominguez, co-chief commercial officer, Adama.

“Over many years of intensive development and testing, whether in the lab, in greenhouses, field trials or semi-commercial trials, Nimitz has consistently shown that it is a better nematicide than other commercially available products. Nimitz combines simplicity of use together with increased efficacy in an economical solution to a major global pest for farmers,” said Danny Karmon, senior innovative product manager and Nimitz project manager.

Nematodes are among the most destructive and problematic pests, causing growers an estimated annual yield losses of more than $100 billion worldwide. In addition to reducing crop yields, nematodes can affect the external appearance of the harvested crops, making them unattractive for retail consumers.

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