Air Liquide supply oxygen methanol plant in Louisiana, US

Air Liquide to supply oxygen to methanol plant in Louisiana, US

4:56 AM, 11th February 2015
Air Liquide to supply oxygen to methanol plant in Louisiana, US

LOUISIANA, US: Air Liquide has been selected by the Chinese petrochemical company Yuhuang Chemical, Inc to provide oxygen to its new methanol production plant very large, to be built in St. James Parish, Louisiana, US. Air Liquide will invest about $170 million (approximately €140 million) in this region where the chemical sector recorded strong growth. The new Yuhuang Chemical site will produce about 5,000 tonne of methanol per day, making it one of the largest US methanol production sites in terms of capacity.

Air Liquide signed a new long-term contract with Yuhuang Chemical, which includes the supply of 2,400 tonne of oxygen per day. Air Liquide will build a new unit for separating air gases (ASU) with high energy efficiency and equipped with advanced technologies. It will produce oxygen, nitrogen and argon. Connected to Air Liquide extensive pipeline network in Louisiana, allowing increased supply reliability, commissioning is scheduled for the second half of 2017.

Air Liquide has signed, through its Engineering and Construction, a license agreement with Yuhuang Chemical for its MegaMethanol advanced technology. This process, which is part of the patented technology portfolio of Air Liquide, can transform natural gas into methanol.

Ensuring a long-term supply of oxygen and providing a patented technology for converting natural gas into methanol, Air Liquide has once again demonstrated his ability as a leader, to offer an integrated supply of creative value for scale methanol production. “This new contract with Air Liquide for our first very large methanol production unit in the United States will fully support our ambition to become a global player in the sector petrochemicals,” said Charlie Yao, CEO, Yuhuang Chemical, Inc.


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