Air Products starts US DOE’s carbon dioxide capture project

Air Products starts US DOE’s carbon dioxide capture project

5:07 AM, 14th May 2013
Air Products starts US DOE’s carbon dioxide capture project

LEHIGH VALLEY, US: Air Products celebrated the successful operation of a United States Department of Energy (DOE) Demonstration Project that will capture approximately one million tonne of carbon dioxide (CO2) in an enhanced oil recovery project in which DOE anticipates an additional estimated 1.6-3.1 million barrels of oil to be produced annually from the CO2 injection. This unprecedented achievement comes by way of an Air Products innovative technology, is the first-of-its-kind operating at such a large scale, and has not been accomplished anywhere else in the United States.

“Air Products is very proud to celebrate this Demonstration Project’s success. When you define projects that could be a model of sustainability, it doesn’t get much better than this effort in taking a vented greenhouse gas and capturing it, cleaning it up, and sequestering it in the process of increasing the output of a valuable domestic natural resource like crude oil,” said Jeff Byrne, Vice President and General Manager, Tonnage Gases, Air Products.

“We have worked hard to build our reputation for successfully executing large scale industrial projects and bringing them onstream, on time and budget. We did just that, here at Port Arthur, using a new patent-protected technology that we developed. At the same time, this novel and technology-leading Demonstration Project would not have been achievable without the support and involvement of DOE,” added Byrne.

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