Archroma launches new redispersible powder waterproofing mortars

Archroma launches new redispersible powder for waterproofing mortars

11:52 AM, 18th May 2017
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REINACH, SWITZERLAND: Archroma extends its Mowilith range of products with the launch of Mowilith powder 2702 redispersible polymer powder (RDP). The new powder is a ground-breaking innovation to support the introduction of highly-practical and sustainable 1K (one-component) premium-performance waterproofing mortars for building and construction applications.

New Mowilith powder 2702 cost-effectively improves the key properties of cement-based formulations, such as adhesion and hydrophobicity (water repellence). It achieves enhanced waterproofing performance in comparison to both traditional 2K (two-component) systems and to other polymers available for waterproofing mortars. Compared to existing polymers, it also delivers outstanding semi-flexibility which results in less mortar cracking and therefore better overall sealing performance for 1K systems.

A 1K dry-mix mortar with Mowilith powder 2702 offers the market a combination of performance, handling and sustainability-related benefits that set it apart from standard 2K systems based on a dry mortar and a liquid dispersion.

The 1K pre-packed dry-mix is easy to prepare and to apply. It requires only water to be added to the dry component at the worksite to achieve a mortar with the desired consistency for easier user application. Importantly, thanks to the RDP, the mortar can be re-dispersed after contact with water for later use. As water is easy to dose, particularly with a pre-supplied dosage recipient, this also creates less potential for user error too.

The advanced 1K option has environmental and logistic-related benefits over a 2K system. From a packaging perspective, only one plastic packet of dry fillers is needed per box instead of a dry mix bag and a liquid bag. This lessens the amount of plastic and content weight is reduced by up to 30%. By enabling a smaller box size, less warehouse storage space is needed. In addition, a purely dry-mix package is easier and more safe to transport than liquid contents.

Waterproofing mortar made with Mowilith powder 2702 can be applied over concrete, ceramic and concrete blocks, cement and other cementitious bases in the following fields of application: Wet and wettable areas; buried structures such as tanks and pools; internal and external walls; and underground foundations and baseboards.

Mowilith powder 2702 meets the requirements for being approved to potable water reservoirs. The new development qualifies for Archroma's low emission concept, being APEO-free, solvent-free, ammonia-free, low odour, low VOC and low in formaldehyde content.

"1K waterproofing mortars offer environmental and simplified-handling advantages for the building and construction sector. Add to that the performance boosts made possible by Mowilith powder 2702 and you have an innovation to viably extend 1K systems to the market. It's a positive, sustainable step forward for the industry which we are pleased to support," said Luciana Fonseca, head of product management and business development, coatings, adhesives & sealants business, Archroma.

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