Arlanxeo introduces new Therban elastomers low temperature applications

Arlanxeo introduces new Therban elastomers for low temperature applications

6:39 AM, 18th July 2016
Arlanxeo introduces new Therban elastomers for low temperature applications
Therban - High performance elastomers for the Oil & Gas Application.

DUSSELDORF, GERMANY: Arlanxeo Holding BV introduces two new products of Therban hydrogenated acrylonitrilebutadiene rubber (HNBR) for low temperature applications: Therban LT 1707, a fully saturated grade, and Therban LT 1757, a partially saturated grade. Both grades offer the ability to fulfil stringent low temperature requirements up to -40°C, while at the same time maintaining the high dynamically and heat resistant performance of this elastomeric rubber class.

To meet the market need for a further improved balance between low temperature properties and oil resistance, Arlanxeo is now working with high priority on a new generation of Therban elastomers, which will redefine the Therban application window. These products will push the boundaries for low temperature applications well below -40°C, whilst maintaining excellent oil resistance.

“Together with our customers, we are working on new elastomers to fulfil future market requirements,” said Susanna Lieber, head of technical marketing HNBR at Arlanxeo.

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