BASF, CTIBiotech gives first results 3D human sebum gland technology

BASF, CTIBiotech gives first results of 3D human sebum gland technology

5:06 AM, 11th January 2018
BASF, CTIBiotech gives first results of 3D human sebum gland technology
Using CTIBiotech’s 3D human sebaceous gland technology, scientists were able to improve BASF’s 3D skin model portfolio.

LUDWIGSHAFEN, GERMANY: Sebaceous glands help the skin stay moist and protect it against external influences such as harsh weather, pollution, and microbial assaults: The oily or waxy matter that these microscopic, exocrine glands secrete – called sebum – lubricates and softens the skin and hair.

BASF Care Creations and the Cell Therapy Research Institute CTIBiotech presented the initial results of their joint research on 3D tissue models for the development and testing of bio-actives for skin care applications. After two years of research, the experts have now demonstrated both the ex vivo production of physiological sebum in a long-term culture of a 3D human sebaceous gland model and the regulation of this sebum production by means of active ingredients.

Using CTIBiotech’s 3D human sebaceous gland technology, scientists were able to improve BASF’s 3D skin model portfolio. The new 3D technology provides a powerful platform for skin care researchers wishing to study the function of sebaceous glands, in relation to a range of age-related, microbial and inflammatory skin disorders.

“Working with BASF allowed us to validate a powerful technology for human skin care research in very little time. This positions CTIBiotech as a world leader in innovative and even disruptive technologies for human cell-based bioassays, applied to dermo-cosmetics,” said Dr Nico Forraz, CEO at CTIBiotech.

“Compared to current in vitro methods, the 3D models developed by CTIBiotech allow analysis more in touch with human physiology and sebaceous gland metabolism. That’s how their technology helps us accelerate the development of innovative and highly reliable ingredients for the skin care market. Our understanding of sebaceous gland metabolism provides the basis for developing and testing advanced cosmetic bio-actives for skin care applications, and in particular skincare products for oily skin,” added Dr Sabine Pain, BASF’s project lead.

“Because of their experience and expertise in developing solutions for the dermo-cosmetics market, BASF understands the benefits of collaborating with tissue engineering experts. The next evolution of the sebaceous gland model will be based on a 3D bio-printing technology that allows us to fully reproduce micro-glands into a full thickness skin model, in vitro,” said professor Colin McGuckin, chief scientific officer and president of CTIBiotech.

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