BASF, Jiahua Energy build sulfuric acid plant in China

BASF, Jiahua Energy to build sulfuric acid plant in China

11:41 AM, 16th December 2014
BASF, Jiahua Energy to build sulfuric acid plant in China

LUDWIGSHAFEN, GERMANY/SHANGHAI, CHINA: BASF and Jiahua Energy Chemical Co Ltd, a wholly owned subsidiary of Huafang Textile Co Ltd, have signed an agreement to set up a new sulfuric acid plant at the seaport town of Zhapu, Zhejiang Province in China. BASF will begin the groundwork to build its new electronics-grade sulfuric acid production facility at the Jiahua production site in Zhapu. Jiahua will be the key raw material supplier for the new BASF plant. The new BASF H2SO4 EG production plant in Zhapu is scheduled to begin construction within the next year and to start up in 2016.

“BASF’s new electronics-grade H2SO4 plant in China is another step towards our continued growth and expansion in China’s electronic materials market. Establishing our plant within the Jiahua site will allow us to provide electronic grade sulfuric acid locally, in order to better serve the needs of China’s fast-growing semiconductor industry,” said Lothar Laupichler, Senior Vice President, Electronic Materials Business Unit, BASF.


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