BASF Crop Protection opens first formulation & packaging plant

BASF opens formulation, packaging plant in China

11:19 AM, 26th August 2014
BASF Crop Protection opens first formulation & packaging plant

RUDONG, CHINA: BASF Crop Protection opened its first formulation and packaging plant in Yangkou Chemical Industrial Park, Rudong, Jiangsu Province, China. The new plant will reinforce its strong commitment to support the development of agriculture in Asia-Pacific. With an annual production capacity of 10,000 metric tonne, the new facility will allow BASF to provide tailor products for farmers in the region, including fungicides, insecticides and herbicides solutions.

“This inauguration marks an important milestone of the implementation of BASF’s strategy and our long-term commitment to the Chinese market as the second largest economy in the world. The demand for higher quality of life in China is ever-rising. I know very well that providing every Chinese person with healthy, safe food is a priority in the agenda. With our innovative solutions we are able to contribute to fulfill the demand for healthy crops,” said Dr Albert Heuser, President Greater China & Functions Asia Pacific, BASF.


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