BASF presents hygienic heavy-duty Ucrete flooring systems

BASF presents hygienic heavy-duty Ucrete flooring systems

2:41 PM, 22nd March 2018
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MANNHEIM, GERMANY: Under the brand of Master Builders Solutions, BASF SE presents the extra heavy-duty Ucrete flooring systems range.

Ucrete is a highly durable surface protection system based on a unique polyurethane resin technology, which meets and exceeds the special requirements of the food and beverage industry, and is also perfectly suitable for chemical and pharmaceutical industry applications thanks to its chemical, mechanical and thermal shock resistance.  

Ucrete flooring systems have been meeting the highest requirements of occupational safety and hygiene since 50 years as they exhibit bacterial cleanability comparable to stainless steel and do not support bacterial growth. Depending on the layer thickness, they can withstand temperatures ranging from -40 °C to 130 °C, being ideal for use in cool rooms and refrigerated environments. They are extremely impact resistant and offer highly effective anti-slip properties. The anti-slip class of the flooring can be adjusted to meet specific customers’ requirements from smooth to highly slip resistant.

Ucrete is non-solvent-based and rapid curing, a key advantage especially in case of refurbishing work. Since Ucrete flooring systems are also odourless and do not taint, even during application, they can be laid out while normal production continues minimizing downtimes. Ucrete complies with the requirements of AgBB (German committee for the health assessment of construction products) and is certified with the Eurofins Indoor Air Comfort Gold standard for low emissions.

Ucrete creates not only a safe but also a very pleasant working environment thanks to the seamless finish of the floor which is available in seven different colours.

BASF presents this product at Anuga FoodTec trade fair.

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