BASF shift surfactants production from NJ Louisiana

BASF to shift surfactants production from NJ to Louisiana

9:04 PM, 18th November 2011
BASF to shift surfactants production from NJ to Louisiana


FLORHAM PARK, US: BASF announced that the company will transfer production of surfactants and other products manufactured at its Washington, New Jersey, site to Geismar, Louisiana. The Geismar facility is BASF’s largest integrated site in North America. The Washington facility will close by the end of 2014. The Washington site will continue to manufacture products until operations in Geismar are in full production in 2014. The site has 60 employees and 15 contractors.

“Growing our surfactants manufacturing at Geismar site is another example of BASF’s commitment to the care chemicals market. It will position our surfactants business for the future. The new facility in Geismar offers a sustainable long-term platform for our products,” said Dirk Buengel, Senior Vice President, Care Chemicals (North America), BASF.

“We are committed to a sufficient supply overlap that will allow for a smooth transition for our customers,” said Buengel. “Our commitment also takes into account the appropriate qualification period required to transition products, including those used in pharmaceutical applications.”

BASF acquired the Washington site in 1970. The facility manufactures surfactants used in many consumer, industrial and pharmaceutical applications. The site also makes products used in coatings, agricultural pesticides, metal working products and plastic additives. “We are grateful to the team at the Washington site that has run a safe and efficient manufacturing plant for nearly 50 years,” said Buengel.

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