BASF’s mobile air conditioner forbody
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BASF’s mobile air conditioner for the body

11:25 AM, 24th May 2017
BASF’s mobile air conditioner for the body
Bionic system – Evaporative cooling following the model of nature; Healthy performance – Sustained support of physical function; Versatile use – Relief in work, sports and therapy.

LUDWIGSHAFEN, GERMANY: BASF SE has developed a new cooling textile –Luquafleece – which provides evaporative cooling, that can be individually defused and lasts for hours. Athletes as well as workers and many other people worldwide who are exposed to high temperatures are therefore now using active functional cooling clothing.

This functional cooling cloth of the E COOLINE and IDENIXX brands, integrating the spe­cially developed superabsorbent nonwoven fabric, giving a mobile air conditioning system to wear, which effectively supports the cooling system of the body.

The water enters the active layer – of the Luquafleece– after being rapidly absorbed and distributed through a bacteriostatic textile fabric.

With higher outdoor temperatures or increasing skin temperature during sports or work activity, the water molecules firmly bound inside the functional cooling clothing absorb the thermal energy, evaporate from the large surface of the three-dimensional nonwoven structure and thereby cool down the wearer.

The body sweats less and thereby saves energy that would usually be needed for thermoregulation. External cooling can therefore provide an increase in performance of up to ten percent in hot conditions. Moreover, important body parameters – such as heart rate – are improved which protects people´s health.

Like a fishing net, the polymer network of the superabsorber traps increasing numbers of water particles until its elastic restoring forces compensate the osmotic forces of the prevailing concentration gradient. In this way Luquafleece can absorb ten times its weight in water and retain it so firmly, that the functional textiles are dry on the surface.

“The fibers of this nonwoven fabric are coated with superabsorbent polymers (SAP) through a special technology. They absorb the water in a few seconds and retain it,” said  expert Norbert Heidinger of BASF New Business GmbH, who markets the material.

The functional clothing only cools the body to the extent required by the prevailing situation. The intensity of evaporative cooling adapts to the surrounding tempera­ture and exertion. Thus, no negative cooling effects can occur.

With the E COOLINE and IDENIXX brands, the idea of mobile, simple and effective cooling has therefore been successfully implemented and marketed. Apart from innovative materials, the environmentally friendly because bionic system only requires water and the heat the user wants to get rid of anyway.

In an interview, Gabriele Renner, CEO “pervormance international GmbH” ­describes the benefits of Luquafleece.

What are the advantages of Luquafleece for you?

The three-dimensional nonwoven fabric is hard-wearing and hygienic, with its special fiber structure also offers an enormously large surface area capa­ble of delivering 600 watts per liter of cooling energy through the evaporating water.

Areas of application of the cooling system?
At present the main application is in the field of occupational health and safety, because many people worldwide have to work at high environmental temperatures, partly also because of climate change. Studies have also shown that the productivity of companies is thereby reduced. Both can be improved by using our functional cooling textiles.

Future potential for air conditioning functional clothing?

Medicine is definitely another field of application in the future. Here we have already shown that we can significantly improve quality of life of people affected by multiple sclerosis with our cooling vests. There are also other valuable uses such as treating menopausal complaints like hot flushes or reducing fever with our calf coolers, to mention only two. We also have projects under development in the fields of orthopedics and even beauty medicine.

Luquafleece as a wound healing solver?

BASF together with OSNovative Systems Inc have developed a wound dressing which is suitable for all types of wounds. The wound dressings are marketed under the name Enluxtra in US. This disruptive technology based on the superabsorber nonwoven material Luquafleece provided by BASF accelerates the wound healing process of most wounds and thereby reduces medical treatment costs.

Passive seat temperature control: In the lightweight comfort seat of the concept vehicle “smart forvision” from the Recaro company, as well as in office chairs of the Vitra company, the BASF nonwoven fabric Luquafleece reduces moisture in the seat and on its surface.

Furthermore, the intelligent ventilation elements for shoes, offered by the Hamburg company IQTEX, are already based on the moisture-absorbent fleece. Depending on the weather conditions, these elements are either breathable or watertight.

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