Bayer CropScience grants biological fungicidal rights Koppert

Bayer CropScience grants biological fungicidal rights to Koppert

3:09 AM, 19th October 2011
Bayer CropScience grants biological fungicidal rights to Koppert
Fungal infection in a leaf. (C) Bayer CropScience.


MONHEIM, GERMANY: Bayer CropScience signed an agreement with Koppert Biological Systems (The Netherlands), to grant exclusive worldwide rights on the marketing, registration and production of the new product shemer, a biological fungicidal product based on the yeast strain Metschnikowia fructicola.

Shemer is an antagonist that protects fruit and vegetables against diseases caused by fungal pathogens. It also supplements and complements pre-harvest and/or post-harvest applications and is ideal for use as a part of resistance management and IPM (Integrated Pest Management) programs.

“This agreement convinces us that we have chosen the right partner to finalize  development of shemer and to exploit the full market potential of this promising biological fungicide in pre-harvest and post-harvest applications,” said Frank Terhorst, Head of Fruits & Vegetables and Insecticides, Bayer CropScience.

“Acquisition of this product fits our strategy of broadening product portfolio and developing new markets. Shemer will add value for growers in established markets such as protected vegetables and ornamentals and will create opportunities to enter new markets. It will strengthen our position within the growing industry of bio control agents. It expands our microbial ambitions for sustainable crop protection,” said Henri Oosthoek, Director, Global Marketing and sales, Koppert.

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