Bayer launches new digital farming brand xarvio

Bayer launches new digital farming brand xarvio

6:03 AM, 10th November 2017
Bayer launches new digital farming brand xarvio
Digital farming paves the way for a new agricultural revolution that makes farming quicker, more precise, efficient and sustainable.

MONHEIM/HANOVER, GERMANY: Bayer AG said that it will market its digital farming solutions under the brand xarvio.

“Our objective is to improve farming – for the farmers and for the environment. xarvio technologies can support farmers all around our planet to optimize the amount of crop protection they need, thus to produce more efficiently and to increase profits while reducing the impact farming has on the environment,” said Tobias Menne, global head of digital farming at Bayer.

Field manager and Scouting app

xarvio solutions open farmers the opportunity to optimize the potential of their individual fields and field zones. Bayer’s field manager, for instance, will provide farmers with instant access to field-specific actionable strategies for the most efficient application of crop protection products.

“With the field manager, which uses imaging and sensor technology from e.g. satellites, farmers always have the status of their fields at hand, receive field specific crop protection timing and can download field-zone specific variable application maps,” said Andree-Georg Girg, head of commercialisation digital farming and managing director of Digital Farming GmbH at Bayer.

The new xarvio Scouting App makes it easy to detect and identify crop diseases, insects, the nitrogen status and other leave damages – only take a picture and you get the analysis. Farmers also profit from the data gathered by their neighbours: They see which diseases are emerging and see the insect pressure around them. The app is now available in an iOS as well as an Android version and accessible through the app stores.

Sustainability through digital technologies

Digital farming paves the way for a new agricultural revolution that makes farming quicker, more precise, efficient and sustainable. Already today, most new farm machinery is equipped with precision agriculture features. New tools help farmers optimize inputs such as fertilizer and crop protection agents with corresponding improvements in yields and quality.

Digital farming solutions also help meet society’s rising requirements in terms of transparency and sustainability. Bayer is therefore closely collaborating with highly competent partners such as Bosch and FaunaPhotonics, universities, start-up companies and nonprofit organizations.

“By donating licenses to use proprietary data to organizations such as Quantified Planet, we are contributing to research into biodiversity for the benefit of both agriculture and society – and we are open for further partnerships,” Menne added.

Data security is key

The exchange of data must happen in a secure way.

“Security is at the top of our mind, and we take all necessary steps in order to protect data,” Menne said. Bayer uses technical and organizational security precautions to protect data from manipulation, loss, destruction or access by unauthorized persons. Any personal data that is provided to us will be encrypted, when in transit between systems, in order to prevent possible misuse by third parties.

“As a leading innovation company and technology provider in the agricultural space, we have lots to share but also much to learn from the farming community. We are eager to learn and engage in the ongoing discussion about the responsible use of data in modern agriculture,” Menne pointed out.

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