Braskem,Amyris,Michelin French plans developing renewable isoprene

Braskem, Amyris, Michelin to develop renewable isoprene

9:32 AM, 10th September 2014
Braskem,Amyris,Michelin French plans developing renewable isoprene

SAO PAULO, BRAZIL: Braskem, the largest petrochemical company in the Americas and world leader in the production of biopolymers, will be part of a technological cooperation agreement with North American companies Amyris and Michelin French for technology development towards the production of isoprene from renewable sources, chemical input used in the tire industry, among other rubbers. Under the partnership, the three companies will work together to accelerate the biochemical studies using sugars derived from sugar cane pulp and inputs in order to develop the green isoprene.

From an existing agreement, Amyris will share with Braskem marketing rights of the renewable isoprene technology being developed by both companies. The tire manufacturer Michelin will have non-exclusive right to preferential access to green technology isoprene. The companies agreed not to disclose the details of the contract, including financial information of the agreement.

“With this new partnership, we join forces with Amyris and Michelin in advancing an innovative technology that strengthens our resolve to improve people’s lives by creating solutions through sustainable chemistry. With experience in conducting research with a focus on sustainable chemistry, Braskem already has a product made with raw material 100 per cent renewable, green polyethylene. Developed in 2010, from ethanol to sugar cane, the resin is present in several countries, in applications in the areas of hygiene and cleanliness, food, cosmetics and automotive,” said Luciano Guidolin, Vice President Polyolefins and Renewables, Braskem.


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