Bringing‘naturalness’ in surfactants

Bringing the 'naturalness' in surfactants

9:31 AM, 13th March 2017
, R Kumaresan, Head, Business Unit, Industrial and Consumer Specialties, India, Clariant
R Kumaresan, Head, Business Unit, Industrial and Consumer Specialties, India, Clariant.

In an interview, R Kumaresan, Head, Business Unit, Industrial and Consumer Specialties, India, Clariant with Chemical Today magazine opens up about the shift in consumer preferences towards natural and organic cosmetics, which has made the consumer based surfactants industry rethink about its chemical compositions.

By Debarati Das

Key growth drivers for consumer based surfactants market.

 Some of the growth drivers in this market will be:

  • Increasing significance of youthful appearance
  • Skin intolerance and allergies occurring more often
  • Growing concern about harmful effect of artificial substances
  • Greater desire for natural but effective products
  • Sustainable production and environmental compatibility increasingly desired in cosmetics as well
  • Market for natural and organic cosmetics growing rapidly
  • Purchasing power of consumer has increased – consumers are willing to pay a premium for sustainable products

Global product manufacturers’ demands and expectations.

For surfactants – an important group of ingredients of personal care products – the trend is towards greater ‘naturalness’. The large group of surfactants based on renewable resources is preferred over petroleum-based surfactants.

Also, efficacy or effectiveness is the most important key driver, although there is considerable attention to certain toxicological parameters. Mildness is another important feature demanded hair and skin cleansing products. This is now also extended to other skin-contact products like dishwashers and fabric washes. Lastly, the trend to switch from traditional bar soaps to liquid gels and soaps is also creating more demand for surfactants

Implementing sustainability in the company.

Sustainability is intrinsic to our strategy. Recently, we launched a 5-year multi-partner project for a sustainable supply chain with L’Oreal addressing social, environmental and economic improvements. We also RSPO-certified (mass balance) our plants for sustainable palm oil supply. Other examples include achieving Halal certification at certain plants and the commitment of APEO-free surfactants for the Coating markets. Innovation and sustainability will definitely make the difference in retaining our leadership position.

Focus on R&D and innovation for surfactants.

For personal care: Clariant has launched GlucoTain, which is an innovative range of sugar-based surfactants offering sensory benefits through individual foam structures – from fluffy to rich – and light to caring conditioning levels. It creates new possibilities for formulators to go the next step in developing innovative products and platforms based on sulfate-free, CAPB-free and betaine-free formulations for a wide range of applications.

In addition, it addresses the consumer’s desire for more natural and mild products with no compromise on cleansing properties. GlucoTainTM is suitable for hair care and skin care applications such as shampoo, shower liquid, soaps, facial cleansers or shaving foams. Its EO-free and sulfate-free ingredients are readily biodegradable products with a 94-95 percent RCI (Renewable Carbon Index), a high content of non-tropical biomass, and a good ecotox profile.

Industrial and consumer surfactants business of the company.

Clariant focuses on increasing the efficiency of surfactant systems in cleaning formulations as this addresses a key aspect of sustainability. Our ongoing search for sustainable solutions led us to GlucoPure™: innovative and high-performing sugar-based surfactants for hand dishwashing and hard surface cleaners. GlucoPure™ is based on sugar and natural oils such as RSPO certified palm oil resulting in a Renewable Carbon Index of up to 95 percent.

From specific blends to facilitate and accelerate the production of many different formulations from our customers to synergy concepts based on the versatile and powerful performance-boosting ammonium quaternary Praepagen HY. Our range allows formulations even with anionic surfactants and enables a reduction in the total amount of surfactants used. Genaminox CHE is a new amine oxide in the Clariant line of products, allowing much more efficient and environmentally friendly formulations for cleaners and disinfectants formulations.

Clariant offers a complete portfolio of surfactants including Anionics | Ethoxylates | Amine Oxides | Betaines | Quats / Esters | Amine derivatives | Sugar surfactants

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