Cabot Corp address demand black masterbatch

Cabot Corp to address demand for black masterbatch

12:22 PM, 9th June 2011
Cabot Corp to address demand for black masterbatch

TIANJIN, CHINA/BOSTON, US: With the growing demand for masterbatch in China and the broader Asia Pacific region, Cabot Corporation has started construction of a new black masterbatch plant at its Tianjin facility located in Tianjin Economic Development Area (TEDA) in China. Sean Keohane, VP and GM of Cabot’s Performance Segment said, “Demand for masterbatch in China and the broader Asia Pacific region is growing rapidly. Having a local manufacturing facility with high quality products will be a significant competitive advantage for us. The Tianjin masterbatch plant will supply product to a broad range of markets, from key infrastructure applications such as pipe and wire, and cable to the rapidly expanding automotive sector. We look forward to building upon our production base in TEDA.”


Cabot will invest approximately $20 million to build the masterbatch plant that will have an annual capacity of approximately 45,000 metric tons with expansion capacity to 80,000 metric tons in the future. The world scale plant will be the first fully integrated black masterbatch production and is anticipated to be commissioned in mid-2011. As one of the leading manufacturer of black masterbatches, Cabot operates additional facilities in Europe (Belgium and Italy), Asia (Hong Kong) and the Middle East (Dubai).


Xinsheng Zhang, VP and GM, Cabot Corporation (Asia Pacific) said, “The Tianjin facility constitutes one of the largest and most technologically advanced carbon black production facilities globally. With the addition of masterbatch production, this facility is positioned to address needs, especially for the polymer and plastics converting industry with more choice and flexibility.”

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