Cargill launches functional native starches label-friendly products

Cargill launches functional native starches for label-friendly products

3:25 PM, 12th March 2018
Cargill launches functional native starches for label-friendly products
SimPure allows food manufacturers to deliver on consumer demands for label-friendly products with great taste and texture.

Cargill has launched a portfolio of functional native starches under the new SimPure brand.

SimPure offers food and beverage manufacturers tailor-made, functional native starches with greater process tolerance, shelf life and storage stability.

For years, modified starches served as the workhorses of the texturizing world, solving a host of food processing dilemmas. However, as part of changing consumer preferences, many customers want to remove modified starch from their product labels.

A custom starch blend of various botanical sources, SimPure 99560 can replace modified starches in frozen-ready meals, without compromising taste, texture or appearance.

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